Biking with Sardinian Experiences



Experience Sardinia on two wheels!

Adriano leads small groups of enthusiasts on lovely rural and coastal routes. Regard it as more of a leisurely excursion than an endurance test.
Much of the terrain surrounding Bosa is a bit hilly, but there are a few routes which avoid the slopes and the traffic, while taking in some stirring views. Excursions last 2—3hr.

Our main routes:

  • Riverside route Along the river to San Pietro, then back downstream to Bosa Marina (about 16km/10 miles)
  • Bosa Marina and around Down to Bosa Marina and along the coast south to Magomadas Biking with Sardinian Experiences(about 20km/12 miles)
  • Coast road On the panoramic coast road north of Bosa (about 20km/12 miles)
Helmets are provided, and Adriano is on hand to deal with any punctures or unforeseen incidents.
Just bring water and sun cream!

Biking excursions are included in our Conversation & Activities holidays.