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Bird Safari


Head for the hills in search of Sardinia’s griffon vultures and other spectacular wildlife

Not for bird nerds, this expedition is all about connecting with Sardinia’s wild spirit. Our guide Antonello leads the tour: a short ride in a 4×4 is followed by a trek on foot of around 30 minutes to reach the isolated mountain retreats where the famous griffon vultures are most commonly found.

Although sightings of these beautiful creatures are not guaranteed,Bird safari with Sardinian Experiences it’s unusual not to see up to a dozen of them, wheeling lazily above or swooping down from rocky ledges. There’s a rich presence of other wildlife too, and Antonello’s infectious enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the local ecology will ensure a memorable excursion through one of Sardinia’s most stunning natural landscapes.
Binoculars and telescopes are provided—just bring a camera!
Excursions last around 4hr.

All walking is fairly level along good tracks. Covered shoes and long trousers are advised; bring your own water.

Bird safaris are included in our Conversation & Activities holidays.

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