Aldo’s hands-on Italian cookery lessons were the highlight of a great sardinian cuisineweek. Who’d have thought making pasta was so simple? The afternoon flew by and afterwards we ate the fruits of our endeavours – ravioli stuffed with courgette and ricotta, three types of bread rolls, fresh seafood and Aldo’s melt in the mouth crab soup, washed down with a glass or two of Vermentino (local wine, goes down nicely, and cheap to boot).
The house was perfect – up a cobbled street in the old town with a beautiful view of the sea from our balcony, ideal for watching the sun go down over a sleepy Bosa.
archaeological toursApart from the food and drink, Sardinia is a fascinating place, as we learned from various archeological visits. The earliest inhabitants of Sardinia built mysterious towers that dot the landscape and we visited one of their sites as well as a Carthaginian/Etruscan site – Sardinia seems to have been occupied by everyone at one time or another.
I liked the way this holiday combined history and activity, and we had enough chill-out time for strolling, swimming, and extended breakfasts on the balcony. All in all an excellent week.