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Experience Sardinia’s traditional culture and ancient civilization

The past is ever present in Sardinia. Archaeological tours with Sardinian ExperiencesThe Sards are proud of their history and of their robust traditions, and keen to share them. From the domestic hearth of recent times to the stone towers and burial chambers of the distant past, this tour provides insights into Sardinia’s folk culture as well as glimpses into the mysterious Nuraghic civilization that flourished on the island in prehistoric times. Length around 4hr.

You don’t have to travel far from Bosa to appreciate Sardinia’s multi-layered legacy. The neighbouring, inland village of Suni has an absorbing museum that showcases popular traditions alongside remnants of the Nuraghic people who once occupied the island.
A guided tour around the museum is followed by an excursion to a couple of ancient sites outside Suni: the beautifully preserved Nuraghe Nuradeo, and a cluster of Domus de Janas—literally “fairy houses”, in fact pre-Nuraghic burial sites cut into the rock.
This tour is included in our Conversation & Culture and History & Archaeology holidays.
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