canoeing on River Temo, Bosa



Experience the River Temo in a kayak!

Adriano leads kayaking parties up and down the Temo, the river that runs through Bosa. You’ll see another side to the area, a new world of aquatic birdlife emerging from thickets of reeds, figs and quinces growing wild and trailing their fruit in the water, quick-darting fish just below the water’s surface, and a deep, pervasive sense of serenity.
Excursions last 3-4hr.

No experience is necessary, but participants should be able to swim, and not mind getting wet (capsizes do happen!). Departures are from Bosa Marina (transport provided). The more skilled kayakers can paddle upstream as far San Pietro, others may want to stop at Bosa itself, where kayaks can be pulled up while you seek refreshments.

Life-jackets are provided, and Adriano is on hand to deal with any capsizes or unforeseen incidents.
Just bring water, sun cream and a hat!

Kayakking excursions are included in our Conversation & Activities holidays.

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