Italian Conversation

Rusty? Never tried? Give it a go!

Tailored for beginners, post-beginners and anyone wanting to brush up on their basic knowledge, our conversation workshops are designed to be both useful and enjoyable.
Italian is a beautiful language, and relatively simple—why not get to grips with it?

italian courses with sardinian experiencesOK, you won’t have learned Italian in all its richness and subtlety after a week with us. But you’ll pick up the rudiments, you’ll gather a few vital words and phrases—enough anyway to have a simple conversation, get from A to B, order a meal or a beer, and generally to avoid making a brutta figura!

Learning on the spot, immersed in Italian culture while enjoying Sardinia’s rich delights, is a winning formula for getting an overall grasp of Italian, of putting it to use, and of learning while you’re unwinding.

Lessons cover:

  • social encounters—greetings and courtesies
  • asking and understanding directions
  • numbers, days of the week, telling the time
  • phrases and vocabulary to cover the most common situations while in Italy
  • phrases and vocabulary relevant to the specific activities and excursions during the week
  • basic grammar for verb structures, masculine and feminine, nouns and adjectives, etc.

italian courses with sardinian experiencesWorkshops consisting of 4–12 students mostly take place in the morning from 10am: two one-hour lessons separated by a 15-minute break. Lessons may take place in the afternoon if a specific activity is best enjoyed in the morning, or on a Tuesday—market day in Bosa—to leave you free to go marketing and try out your linguistic skills!

Students will be introduced to the most useful words and phrases that will enable them to communicate effectively and establish a foundation on which to build a lasting knowledge of the language.

Lessons are pitched to suit the level of the students, with drills and exercises allowing for different abilities. Above all the lessons are dynamic and fun.

All teaching materials are supplied – just bring a notebook and a pen. Lesson résumés and themed vocabulary sheets linked to activities will be issued at the end of every lesson for you to whip out whenever needed.

italian courses in bosaOur team consists of experienced teachers of Italian to foreign visitors, led by italian courses in italyDamiano and Valeria …

Conversation workshops are included in our Conversation & Activities and Conversation & Culture holidays.