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Experience Sardinia through a lens

Take a tour through some of the island’s most inspiring landscapes and townscapes

In consultation with you, we can arrange an itinerary that takes in some of Sardinia’s most striking locales, selected for their visual and photographic potential.

We don’t offer training or tuition, instead we provide all the back-up you need to get the most out of Sardinia and indulge in your photographic pursuits unfettered by the tedious practical details.

All our tours are entirely customized to your requirements. Prices vary according to your preferences, but start from £186 (€240 or US$262) per person per day, including all transport and accommodation. Meals (or snack lunches) and any other activity options that may tweak your fancy can be added too.

Get in touch here to discuss all the options.

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photography tours sardinia
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photography tours
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photography tours

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photographic tours

photography tours
photo tours
photo tours