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Experience Shiatsu in an inspiring setting

Our sunnySHIATSU holidays take place in the lovely Sardinian town of Bosa and include 10 hours of Shiatsu practice and instruction in the basic techniques of treatment over 5 days.

During your free time, you can wander around town, sightsee, lounge on the beach, or participate in the range of options we offer. These include half- or full-day activities and cultural excursions—among them biking, country hikes, kayaking, archaeological tours, walking tours of Bosa and Alghero, birdwatching, sailing, wine-tasting, Sardinian cookery and Italian conversation classes suited to beginners or post-beginners.
See our What we do page for details of all activities and Italian conversation workshops.

What is Shiatsu?

shiatsu wellbeing in sardinia Shiatsu is a treatment that uses pressure applied with the thumbs, palms and elbows on the body. It follows the Eastern system of Meridians or Energy Paths and derives from the ancient healing techniques of traditional Chinese medicine that were later codified in Japan.

The application of pressure, which is always tailored according to the vital energy of each recipient, can produce a stimulating effect of deep renewal and an increased sense of wellbeing that is the fruit of the  full expression of one’s vital resources.

Shiatsu is beneficial for:

  • physical aches, stiffness, headaches, back pain
  • menstrual pain
  • fatigue, lethargy or lack of energy, stress
  • anxiety or depression

The benefits of Shiatsu work on both the symptomatic and preventive levels, and come about not through a process of “treating” a condition or disease, but rather by aiding and encouraging the body’s  natural ability to heal and balance itself. This process of self-healing is connected to a general improvement of life force, vitality and wellbeing.

The effects of treatment may be both physical and psychological. A Shiatsu treatment can become a form of meditation that leads to a profound state of relaxation and a serene awareness of one’s body and emotions.

Shiatsu treatments are given in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The recipient wears loose clothing and usually lies on a futon. The application of pressure with thumbs, palms and elbows is paired with stretching and joint mobility exercises.

Every treatment is individual, designed according to the needs of the recipient.

shiatsu massage in sardinia

What’s included:

  • 10 hours of Shiatsu on 5 mornings
  • 7 nights accommodation in a B&B, three-star hotel or self-catering house or apartment (see Accommodation)
  • All transport including airport transfers on Arrival/Departure days
  • Introductory welcome dinner

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Meals (apart from breakfast in B&Bs or hotels, and Welcome dinner)
  • Activities, excursions and Italian conversation workshops – these can be arranged at a supplementary cost.
  • Transport unrelated to our tours
  • Your travel insurance

Our sunnySHIATSU programme

shiatsu massage

Day One (Introduction):

30 minutes of breathing and centring exercises
30 minutes of “free body” exercises
1 hour of treatment in the prone position

Day Two

30 minutes of breathing exercises
30 minutes of “free body” exercises
1 hour of treatment in the prone position

Day Three

30 minutes of breathing exercises
30 minutes of “free body” exercises
1 hour of treatment in the prone position and leg stretchesshiatsu massage

Day Four

30 minutes of breathing exercises
30 minutes of “free body” exercises
1 hour of foot treatment

Day Five

30 minutes of breathing exercises
30 minutes of “free body” exercises
1 hour of hands and face treatment

Our sunnySHIATSU sessions consist of 5–12 participants. An outline in English is provided at each session for reference and guidance.

All sessions are conducted in English by Elena Ranaldo. Having trained at shiatsu therapy for wellbeing in sardiniathe Shiatsu–Do Academy (Cagliari and Milan), Elena has been in practice for nine years (including six years practice of Tai Chi) and is a member of APOS (Associazione Professionale Operatori Shiatsu). In 2006 she helped launch a social project involving Shiatsu treatments for people with disabilities or in mental distress.


The cost of your holiday varies according to season and the type of accommodation preferred. Prices cover a course of sunnyShiatsu, a week’s accommodation and transfers, representing the final, all-inclusive price per person. Please book as early as possible to ensure a place on your preferred date. Once we hear from you we’ll email or call you within three days with details of prices and how to make a payment. And remember—there is NO SINGLE PERSON SUPPLEMENT!

It is preferable to indicate any activities, excursions and Italian conversation workshops at the time of your booking. It may be possible to fit you into an activity at short notice after you’ve arrived, but we cannot guarantee availability. You’ll find all our options described on the What we do and History & Archaeology pages.

Alternatively, you may want to sign up for other activities and experiences while you’re in Sardinia—again, healthy holidays in sardiniajust contact us and we can work something out anywhere on the island.