giants of ,ont'e pramaA recent excursion took us to Cabras to see the formidable nuraghic sculptures of Mont’e Prama. Found on the Sinis peninsula in the 1970s, newly restored and displayed, they are the only stone nuraghic sculptures to have been unearthed anywhere and have been painstakingly reassembled from some 5000 fragments.

Forty-four statues were originally found, of which 25 have been restored, mainly representing warriors and boxers. Much mystery still surrounds the statues, but their effect is undeniable, with the heads showing hypnotically staring eyes, while some have their arms raised to hold shields. Other finds from Mont’e Prama include large models of nuraghic towers.mont'e prama giants nuraghic sculpture

You can see these marvels in the archaeological museums of Cabras and Cagliari. An extension to the Cabras museum is on the cards, which will eventually hold all—or the majority—of the statues and models.