Once the bandit capital of Sardinia, Orgosolo, deep in the interior, is now better known for its murals. We set off there on a brilliant morning, arriving at around 11, then got snapping.on the road in sardinia

Most of the murals dwell on past injustices, but they also take in world events, such as the destruction of the World Trade Center and the global economic downturn.

Though still a fairly run-down and neglected place, there are signs of regeneration in Orgosolo, cultural excursion to Orgosoloand there’s a constant trickle of camera-toting tourists.

The murals are brilliant by the way – inventive and witty.
After a wander, we ended up in Il Portico, a basic trattoria staffed by the friendliest people, where we ordered plates of pasta served with a wild boar sauce. Terrific.