Whew, the heat wave continues over southern Europe! Sardinia’s beaches are crammed, of course, but it’s still possible to find secluded corners like this one at beaches near bosaPorto Alabe, and up the coast from Bosa towards S’Abba Druche, where the smooth rocky coast assumes an almost lunar quality – it’s a great spot for a secluded picnic.
At any other time (i.e. outside August), we like to venture further afield to the marvellous sandy strands around Sinis, an hour down the coast from Bosa, much of which is part of a protected marine area (Area Marina Sinis), restricting, for example, most water sports and the lighting of fires.
Included within the protected zone is the tiny isle of Mal di Ventre, 10km out to sea. The origin of its odd name (“stomach ache”) is uncertain, but, in view of the fast winds that can make for rocky sailing conditions hereabouts, it may either refer to seasickness or be a corruption of Malu Entu, dialect for bad wind (of the gusty – not gutsy – sort!). The island is uninhabited, though the remains of a double-towered nuraghe testify to occupation in prehistoric times. Boats call here daily in summer from Mandriola and Putzu Idu.