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Learn the ins and outs of Bosa’s exquisite Malvasia wine from the experts

malvasia wineMention Bosa to most Italians and they think of Malvasia, the amber-toned wine that is most associated with the area. The Malvasia white grape variety is grown in various parts of Italy (among other countries), but its intense flavours and scents are usually lost when blended. Bosa’s DOC Malvasia wine, however, is produced under the strictest conditions, and must be made from at least 95% Malvasia di Sardegna grapes.

The most renowned producer of Malvasia in the Bosa area is Columbu, and it is in the Columbu family’s cantina in the heart of the old town that Vanna presents a short lecture with slides, accompanied by tastings.

After this introduction, there’ll be a lunch waiting in one of Bosa’s most traditional restaurants, a short stroll through the old town. In these sympathetic surroundings, you can sample typical Sardinian dishes, with a brief explanation of each one.
Winetasting is included in our Conversation & Culture holidays.

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